Dallas Academy of Hair Extension Training

Dallas academy of hair extension training
Dallas Academy of Hair Extension Training .

Certification Training that begins with the consulation learning to prequalify your client, who is and is not a candidate for hair extensions.

Adrian covers a variety of modalities primarily focusing on single strand fusion. We provide hands on training from start to finish learning to properly attach and remove the extensions.

Basic Hair Extension Course

This 8 hour class is held once per month normally on the 4th Monday of the month. The cost of the course is $1100 per student and includes the following:

* The DreamWeaver Hair Extension Iron designed by Adrian with dual heated flat plates and a variable temperature control for applying both low and high temperature polymers.
* The DreamWeaver Speed Clip which reduces your extension application time by approximately 30%.
* The DreamWeaver Hair Extension Manual
* Hair Color Ring
* Remover Solution
* Remover Tool
* Also includes practice hair used for the hands on portion of the class.

The educational portion of this class begins with consultation pre-qualifying your client and determining who is and is not a candidate for hair extensions. We will discuss consent and release forms, monetary deposits, as well as client home care instructions. The course covers layering techniques for attaching the hair extensions and color blending. We also include sections for problems and solutions, medical interactions, and marketing and promotion.

The in-depth hands on portion of this class is done on provided mannequin heads and includes proper techniques for removing the extensions.

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