It's Beautiful, Adrian!

I would like to share with you our experience with Adrian and his family. It started with my daughter and I looking on the Internet for hair extensions that were affordable that we could apply ourselves. I am a single parent and this senior year with all of the expenses have put me in the poor house!

My daughter is a very dedicated student and her high school experience has been one wrought with disappointment and cruelty. I have been so proud of the way she handled the "mean girls" at school and wanted to do what I could to make her senior prom a GOOD memory.
I ran across the website hoping to read some info that would help me to buy the right products to do at home... the more I read I realized that I could never afford or be able to apply the quality of this ART!

I noticed a "contact us" tab on the website and so I sent an email and simply asked "Are you ever in the need of a hair model? I crossed my fingers... not expecting to hear back and then broke to my daughter (once again) that I just did not see a way for us to manage hair extensions for the prom.

One day later I receive an email response simply saying "Call me at the salon" all in capital letters....I wondered if I should since it may be a way of getting you excited so you will purchase the product. Living 48 miles from the salon I was concerned about wasting gas to get there and breaking my daughters heart by seeing exactly what she could not have. Something told me to call any way so I did and we set an appointment.

We arrived at the salon and from the moment I walked in the doors I felt "THIS is a GOD thing!...." but I did not say a word to my daughter.I looked on the walls at the beautiful model (Rebecca Elizabeth) and pageant girls and testimonial after testimonial.... I thought to myself " He does not need a hair model..... look at all these beautiful people he has to choose from! And Yet Adrian called us back to the chair and began looking at my daughters hair......He treated us with such respect..I am sure it was evident that my daughter and I were not North Dallas kind of people just a simple mom and daughter trying to fulfill a dream and heal a broken spirit....the last chance to do so in High School.

Adrian proclaimed that he had found this years hair model and my eyes welled up with tears! He explained to me that I would need to pay for the hair itself and any products needed to care for the hair but that He would donate the time and labor for his model.
What happened the day we arrived is nothing short of a miracle!

Adrian introduced us to Rebecca, his daughter and the two of them began to work on her hair. I was looking at Rebecca and thinking to myself "Please God.... Let my daughter walk this path...." a young, beautiful, professional, strong and grounded woman!

As Madi and Rebecca chit chatted I watched my daughters face.. she was so drawn (as was I ) to this young woman. Madi started revealing some of the hardships she had faced in high school and Rebecca began sharing nuggets of truth and wisdom that was clearly a divine appointment! Her discernment and truth fell over my daughter like a flood of healing water and I knew I was witness to a healing miracle! I saw it in my daughters face! They laughed and talked and shared 8 hours of pure therapy!

And the HAIR!!!! Oh my gosh the hair!!!! I could not believe how beautiful and natural and stunning the artistry of it all !! I left at lunch time to go to the bank and I got in my car and just cried! It was so evident that God had used this entire salon..... from the email to the example of faithfulness and generosity of spirit to LIFT UP and encourage my daughter and to give her HOPE for her future and a walking example of how an entire FAMILY lives an obedient life of faith!

As I was thinking about this I also realized that I too had been restored! I suffer from a degenerative relapsing and remitting disorder that at times has me so fatigued that I cannot leave my home! This coupled with being a single parent trying to do what I know I could not do (the fairytale senior prom) had left me sad,tired and hopeless! Yet here I was praising God in my car and asking Him to give me DREAM WEAVER faith to serve him! I felt energetic and Blessed!

My daughter has not stopped talking about Rebecca! What an impact she has made on my child! In addition to that she returned to school and was the center of attention!
People asking her and commenting on her face book about how UNBELIEVABLE her hair is! My daughter puffed up with confidence answers " My FRIEND Rebecca and Adrian the Dream Weaver did this! Here is their card!"

From the heart of a mother I must thank you! Not just for the awesome opportunity to be your hair model but for LIVING TO SERVE GOD and walking it out in a way that absolutely changed us! I have asked God to bless you one hundred fold for what you have done for us! What a beautiful family and story you have to share!!!!!

The words your Rebecca shared with my daughter might as well have come straight from the mouth of God! My daughter has much of it stored in her phone... yes! She actually took NOTES! WOW!

I will never be able to adequately express how indebted I feel to you and your family, there is nothing more important to me than my only child. May God richly bless you.

- Kimberley and Madison


"His technique is so gentle to my scalp"

Being a model and actress is so stressful especially to your skin and hair.  Because I have naturally thin hair, before every shoot I would have to get clip in extensions so add length or thickness.  This process started to take its toll on my hair, making it even thinner than it naturally is.  Finially, I decided to do something about it.  Going to Adrian for my hair extensions not only solved this problem, but it was such a pleasent experience. My hair now, is thicker without extensions than it was before I had them put in.  Plus, his technique is so gentle to my scalp that I could barely feel the extensions in my hair.  I never thought I could live with extensions in, but afer Adrian did it, I dont think I can live without them!

- Bette


Believing in miracles...


Hello my name is Brandi and my testimony starts on Saturday January 8, 2011 at 8:30am. My husband and I were working for a trucking company out of Elreno Oklahoma, and we were hauling a load of printers from California to Illinois. On this particular day in January we were headed eastbound on I-40 in Oklahoma and my husband was driving and I was in the sleeper finishing my 10 hour break that is required by the DOT, when the next thing I know is I am being thrown out of the sleeper and landed in the middle of the floor between the 2 front seat of the truck. This is when I realize that we have hit something and come to find out it was another semi that was parked in the middle of the travel lane at mile marker 75 on I-40 headed eastbound. This semi that we hit had no flashers on to say he was stopped. When my husband realized that the other semi was not moving he proceeded to try and change lanes but there was a car full of people to the left of us and a steep ditch on the right of us. This is when the decision had to be made do you go to the left and kill one if not all the people in the car or go to the right and role the truck and kill us or do you hit what is in front of you. So the split second decision was made by my husband, who was driving our semi, to hit what was in front of us after attempting to stop and skid marks of 800 feet, we hit the back of the other semi. After we came to a standstill I was checking to see if our dogs were all right I found 2 of them as we had 3 on the truck with us a schnauzer, Yorkie and a dachshund. I found the Yorkie and schnauzer. Then I found the dachshund she was in the passenger seat asleep and on impact the dash caved in and crushed her. I was able to get my other two dogs out and then we exited the truck out of the bunk door on the side of the truck as we could not get out of the doors they were locked and would not open due to being power locks, my husband had to bury our dachshund(Ridgeway) on the side of the road, I was taken to the emergency room and x-rayed and told that I had a broken shoulder blade and that I need to see an orthopedic specialist in the next 3 days.

After everything was taken care of my husband was able to get a ride and came and picked me up from the hospital we headed back to Tulsa to recuperate. I was then seen by an orthopedic specialist on January 12, 2011 and was ordered to get a MRI and a CT scan. So this was all scheduled for January 25, 2011. I had these procedures done and the results were sent to the Dr and he told me that I in fact had a broken shoulder blade and also 5 broken ribs. I thought how wonderful. I was schedule to come back and see him in a couple of weeks. So I went back to see this Dr. and he ordered Physical therapy 3 times a week for 4 weeks. This started on the 15th of February 2011, after 4 week I was to return and see the Dr. and he ordered another round of Pt. This went on till I requested another MRI but this time it needed to be with contrast. The insurance company agreed to this and this MRI was done on April 1, 2011. The results were sent to the Dr and I was told that I had a torn muscle in my right arm pit and that I needed surgery. The surgery was scheduled for April 25, 2011. I had the surgery and continue PT. went back to see the Dr. and he ordered more therapy. The last Dr. appointment with this Dr. was awful. He threw up his hands and told me that I let my shoulder freeze up and that he would have to go in and do a manipulation while I was under anesthetic. Now remember I have had over 55 sessions of PT by now so I am really frustrated. I was not happy with this decision so I asked for and received a second opinion. The Dr. I found was in Wichita so I made an appointment for August 10, 2011. We drove all the way to Wichita from Tulsa to see this specialist. He said that I need surgery for a frozen shoulder and that he would have to go in and remove the capsule in the right should to let the arm move freely. We had to wait for the insurance company to ok the surgery.

In the mean time my husband found a business opportunity in Dallas and we moved to Dallas while waiting for the ok from the insurance company. When we made it to Dallas and was settled the insurance company ok'd the surgery and it was scheduled for September 20, 2011. So in the mean time I needed to get my hair colored because I was a hot mess and need the grey and the color and cut fixed. I found Adrian and called to set up a consultation. I walked in to Adrian’s salon on September 8, 2011, and he took one look at me and said he was going to fix my hair. Adrian asked me why I keeping my right shoulder all scrunched up and I told him about the wreck and all the PT and surgery I had had and that I was schedule for surgery on the 20th. He told me to come to the back of his salon where he told one of his assistants about it and they prayed for me while laying his hand on my right shoulder and shoulder blade. They both prayed for me. When I walked in to his salon I could not lift my arm but maybe 12 inches away from my body in any direction. While they were praying for me I felt this warm sensation start in my elbow and work up to the should and shoot down into the shoulder blade area. After he prayed for me and in a matter of minutes I was able to lift my arm above my head with very little pain. Now mind you I have been in horrible horrible pain since January 8th, and to find relief of little or no pain in nothing but a miracle. Adrian fixed my hair I made another appointment for the 30 of September to have color done.

I flew from Dallas to Wichita on the 19th had surgery on the 20th when the Dr came to talk to me after the surgery they did not find anything and did not have to remove the capsule. The only thing that they found was some inflammation. I flew back to Dallas on the 21st realizing that God had performed a miracle when I had my hair done on the 8th. I continued to do PT. Went in on the 30th to have my hair colored and was told that Benny Hen was in town for a conference and that I should go. So I told my husband and a friend of ours that we were going that night. Now mind you I have seen this man on TV and always thought that the people that he touched and that when they fell to the ground was a bunch of Bologna. My husband, I and our friend showed up to the conference that started at 7pm. Benny was preaching all night and the he started to heal people so I got in line and was going to see for myself if what I had seen on TV was a bunch of bologna. As I approached Benny he lays his hand on my forehead and the next thing I know I am picking my butt up off the floor. I was a true believer now. I ended up telling my mother about this when I seen her the next week and she did not believe me. I could tell by her reaction and what she said. But that did not stop me from believing in miracles. So as of October 28, 2011 I am almost pain free and almost have 100% of my range of motion back and I believe that this would not have been possible if I had not made that appointment with Adrian on the 8th of September.

- Brandi


"Thank you for working a miracle on my hair!"

I was a victim of bad hair extensions!!  I learned the hard way that not all hairdressers know how to apply them correctly.  My hair extensions looked hideous to say the least.  I was so devastated and humiliated.  A  friend's hairdresser told me to contact Adrian who was THE  hair extension specialist in Dallas.  He and his staff spent almost 6 hours getting the bad extensions and glue out of my hair.  They did a tremendous job and even put a smile back on my face in the meantime.  For anything to do with hair extensions, there is only one person to go to:  Adrian.  He has your best interest at heart.  Adrian, thank you for working a miracle on my hair ! 

- Nancy


"He is simply the BEST"!

My name is Carmen M.  I am a seventeen year old high school senior with great expectations for entering college in September 2005. My hobbies are reading, traveling,shopping, and dancing. I also enjoying hanging out with my friends. While exploring the market for new hair styles I discovered Adrian The Dream Weaver.

I have seen celebrities and other professionals from all other walks of life wearing hair extensions. After having done my hair, I can honestly say Adrian's work is professional, superb, and very natural looking. I would recommend Adrian to anyone. " He is simply the BEST."

After my first visit with Adrian, I realized the results were well worth the four hours of traveling from Louisiana to Dallas, Texas in order to have Adrian do my hair extensions. In my opinion he is a creative hair master with a touch of genius. The salon atmosphere is super! Everyone is friendly, highly trained, and very professional. I am extremely happy with the total results of my hair and especially the healthy condition that is maintained during the months of wearing the extensions. Adrian is always available and ready to answer questions concerning the follow up and proper care of the hair extensions.
Bottom line - Adrian The Dream Weaver stands by his work.



"My hair was falling out in handfuls"

My sister Deborah has been seeing Adrian for many years and I was always envious of her hair after she began hair extensions. I have been ill off and on for the last two years and suffered a heart attack in November 2004. This began my slip into depression, thinking my life was almost over. I quit my job because I was tired and discouraged with my appearance. I had become a recluse in my home.

My hair was falling out in handfuls and I did not want to be seen; not without a hat anyway! Finally I called my sister and asked if she would set up a consultation with Adrian to see if he could help me. I really didn't think I had enough hair to be a candidate for extensions. Adrain made me feel comfortable and advised me that I could be a candidate for extensions or even "top secret hair". I went home and talked it over with my husband and he said if I would be happier and more confident then set up an appointment.

I called Adrain the following day and he fit me into his schedule within a week. I was so excited. I have my extentions today and I couldn't be happier. I don't want to stay locked up in the house anymore. I want to go out and be seen. I have started a new job search and I have so much to look forward to without hiding my face in shame. Thank you Adrian! You are a godsend!! I look forward to the future and I will be seeing you often. You truly are the "Dreamweaver." I feel absolutely beautiful again (inside and out). God Bless you and your family!

- Victoria


Never have I ever felt so connected to Jesus...

For some time, I felt in a "funk" I was exploring ways to "make myself feel better". I had this idea that if I changed certain physical attributes, I would feel better emotionally.

I have long thick hair and yet for some reason I thought hair extensions was something that would make me feel better. I googled hair extensions in Dallas and one of the listings was Adrian the Dreamweaver ®. I might as well go to the best if I'm going to do this, I thought.

I called the salon and spoke with Adrian who asked a few questions and insinuated that I was foolish to spend money on extensions when I had long thick hair but he said, "Come and see me, we'll talk about your funk!

I came in for a consultation and wasn't quite sure what to make of Adrian. He carried on three conversations at the same time and I wasn't sure which ones I was a part of. After his assessment of my hair, he suggested I come in for a Kera-green treatment.

That next hair appointment last nearly 3 hours. In the course of that time, we talked about so many different things. Not sure how it came up but I mentioned I had just joined a church in Lewisville and it seemed to be a good fit for me and I was meeting a lot of people. Adrian mentioned something about a conference coming up and that I should go and "meet" people. Finally after the third time, I said "Ok I'll go. When and where is it?” I had no idea what it was or who was speaking or who was going to be there but Adrian just said you need to go, and so I agreed. He was very insistent.

Prior to the conference I called the Hyatt and asked what the name of the conference was so I could research before I went. I had never heard of Benny Hinn. I asked a couple of people for their opinion and I got mixed reviews. The day of the conference I had even considered not going (its Friday, I'm tired, etc) but then thought I said I would go, I keep my word.

I arrived to the conference and shared dinner with Adrian. I was a little skeptical and asked what to expect and I didn't really get an answer from him. We attended the session together with his friend Jim. Jokes were flying between the two of them and I thought what have I got myself into. I was somewhat surprised at the "rules". It was made very clear at the on-set of the conference that this was not an appropriate setting for vocal, mobile children. I looked at Adrian with surprise. "Oh no", Adrian said, "Benny doesn't want you to be distracted. And you need to go to the bathroom again before we get started. You can't leave once he starts". Really? Really.

Once the conference started I was quite impressed with the music and the fanfare of the event. Approximately 2000 people were praising God and singing and the atmosphere was electric. I loved being in the company of so many people praising so vehemently. Three of us left after a breaking point in the service since we all had a long day and had to be up early the next morning. We all agreed to meet back there the next day for the healing service. I had never witnessed a healing service and was curious who might really be healed.

Jim, Adrian, and I met for a meal prior to the event. Jim kept saying, "Something big is going to happen, I can feel it". Adrian said to me, "You'll see baby, you'll see".

At the start of the healing service I was absolutely overcome by the breath-taking music. I have never experience God speaking like that before. Tears continuously flowed for the entire hour of Christ-filled music. You could feel the presence of God and knew that everyone felt it. For the next several hours, Benny Hinn spoke of serving God, financial stewardship, Jesus as the only way for salvation, the importance of Holy Communion, and healing. I have never experienced anything like this before. I don't even have the words to describe what happened in that place. Literally, no words are descriptive enough to do justice to what I experienced.

Never have I ever felt so connected to Jesus and so powerfully aware of his presence. I cried joyfully as a natural reaction to my emotional and spiritual fulfillment. Pastor at one point lead us through the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. The pain Jesus felt was experienced by those in the room. Our heart was broken for Jesus and the gratitude for God's sacrifice was overwhelming. Communion has taken on a new meaning for me and the way I will experience it from now on will be completely different.

As we moved into the healing prayers, I was so ready to accept what God had to offer. I was praying so purposefully for God to heal me. I have struggled with depression and an eating disorder and wanted to remove those burdens from my life which prevented me from being all that I could be. I stood praying with arms outstretched to God asking for healing. As I wept and prayed, I felt a soft touch come to my mid back. It then felt like a firmer touch. The heat that I felt from that touch was very intense and grew stronger. I knew Adrian was touching my back and I could hear him praying for me although I could not hear or understand what he was saying. I continued to pray as I felt the heat move throughout my upper body. The heat was so intense. I began sweating and could feel the sweat on my face. I then felt the heat move to my right arm, in the elbow area. Again, I felt an increasingly hot sensation which stayed in my arm and back for several minutes. I continued to pray and began to feel very weak. I tried to stand but was aware of the weakness in my legs. I stood as long as I could, holding onto the chair in front of me, sobbing uncontrollably, and having trouble breathing at this point. I sat down and tried to regain my composure. I was overwhelmed with relief. The heat gradually diminished. It took several minutes before I could speak, and I sat amazed at what just happened.

As the strength came back into my legs, I stood up and felt incredible (for lack of a better word). I had stopped crying and looked at Adrian and said, "I'm healed" and he said, "I know" and giggled. I stood in complete amazement and then finally had the wherewithal to look around and see what was going on around me. It was very loud and a lot of commotion, people were crying and hugging and praying. What an unbelievable sight! Some people walked onto the platform to testify of their sudden healing and for additional healing from Pastor. I looked and listened to the testimonies of so many people. After what I had experienced I had no reason to be skeptical or doubt what was being said. I know what I felt and that was enough for me.

I pray for all people in need of healing and I am grateful and indebted to God, and Adrian. The experience has changed my life. I have never felt so close to Jesus and I am making a concerted effort to strengthen my relationship. Since that experience, verses in the Bible are clearer and easily understood. I have committed to taking communion at least 4-5 times a week. I pray for my continuous healing and I pray intently knowing that I have been blessed so I can be a blessing to others.

Thanks be to God!!!

- Kathie


"I knew I needed a miracle and quick"

I am a model from Texas, and I have been bleaching my hair for 4 or 5 years, and using clip in hair extensions. Finally after years of this my hair began to break off. At one point the hairs on the top of my head broke to about 1" in length. I knew I could no longer model, and my clip in extensions no longer blended with my short, broken hair. I quit modeling for 4 months and let my hair grow out some. At the same time I began to receive many modeling offers, that were hard to pass up. I knew I needed a miracle and quick!!!

My mom knew of my desperation and began to search for alternatives. As she searched, she found hair extension experts across the USA. There were only about 7 listed as "highly recommended". As she scrolled hoping to find one in Texas, there he was, Adrian the Dreamweaver ® in Dallas. My mom telephoned him and sent him pictures of my broken hair, which at this point was about 3" on the top and on the back 5".

Adrian went to work quickly and got us in the very next week as I was an emergency case with modeling deadlines. We drove to Dallas to his office for our morning appointment. He matched my hair color perfectly and made me look like myself again in one day!! Adrian is a miracle worker!! I recommend him to everyone!! If he could work with my broken and damaged hair, he can help anyone!!

- Brooke


"Her poor hair was just fried"

Taylor and I want to THANK YOU so very much.  The horrible experience we had at the Beauty Salon last Saturday, left me so desperate.  I knew that my fourteen year daughter was starting school on Monday and after 3 chemical processes in 8 hours, her poor hair was just fried.  Middle School can be so trying in the first place, but trying to deal with a color that you did not want, and fried hair, was literally making my daughter sick.  After watching her cry all day and desperately trying to fix this mess on Sunday, I got on the Internet to start trying to find someone to help us.   I came across your web site.  On Mondays, most beauty salons are closed, so I was not expecting anyone to pick up the phone. Then I heard a voice at the other end and I could not believe it.  I explained our circumstance to the person on the phone and they put Adrian on the line.  Oh my gosh, Adrian told me to "come right over"!!!
Adrian, what you did for my daughter I will never forget, neither will she!!!  God bless you!!  You are a God send!!  I know this is true, because my fourteen year old daughter told me later that she had prayed all night about her hair.  She is a very aviate member of the youth group in the town in which we live.  God and Adrian work in very mysterious ways.
We Love You,
Thanks a million!!
- Linda


"You are our hero"

Recently, my 14 year-old niece, Taylor, sought your help in desperation after a really bad experience with the wrong hairstylist! I just wanted to thank you for saving our sweet little darling from total embarrassment on her first (actually it was the second) day of school. You will never know how your kindness in taking the time to fix her up affected us all. You are our hero!

Aunt Sharon


Daily Candy -The Dallas Edition.

Adrian the Dream Weaver

Hair’s heyday? Definitely the ’70s.

Exhibit 1: the Fuzzy Pumper Barbershop (plastic people who grew long, lush Play-Doh hair when you pressed the handle — genius). Exhibit 2: the Afro (gotta love a ’do that defies everything from propriety to gravity). Exhibit 3: the Farrah (self-explanatory).

Here to bring back the glory: Adrian the Dream Weaver.

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"This is such a special time in my life.

I can't wait for my senior prom as I now have both a beautiful dress and incredible hair. My upcoming graduation is also a highlight next month as my family from Canada will be sharing this time with me. I cannot wait to see their reaction. I am loving my new look! I am experiencing one of the best times in my life from a gift that I will always remember".
- Meaghan


I want long hair now!

"...While she waited for her hair to grow long enough (most hair extension professionals won't attach them until hair is at least 4-5" long) she did some research. She found that The Hair Boutique highly recommended Adrian "The DreamWeaver".  I was very pleased with Adrian's work. I would absolutely recommend that anyone thinking about extensions, if you can afford it and you can get to Dallas, go to Adrian and have it done."


Spring 2002 Issue of NuImage Magazine.

"A profound experience has occurred in my life. My belief that, 'Blondes have more fun' (I am a redhead), has been shattered by a new experience for me. Let me begin by telling you that a fleeting thought had crossed my mind that I was in the midst of an early stage mid-life crisis when I put the two junior seats in my new Saab convertible. This was a car the I traded my Expedition for. Nonetheless, it was the day that I called Adrian "The DreamWeaver" at Shapes that I realized that I was not willing to experience my 44th birthday without the opportunity to hang on to my 30s!" ...Quoting Janie Russell's introduction to her article that was published in the Spring 2002 Issue of NuImage Magazine.